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Which Free Online Tool of File Converter offers you 100% Successful Results?

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What is Citizen? The safety alert app explained

The Citizen app gives you the real story, with real-time safety alerts to keep you and your loved ones safe.

Apple lifts the lid on how its App Store generated $500BN in 2019

Sales of products from which Apple takes a 30% cut came to $61BN of the total.

Apple lifts the lid on how its App Store generated $500BN in 2019

Sales of products from which Apple takes a 30% cut came to $61BN of the total.

TicPods 2 Pro wireless earbuds review

Depending on how closely you watch the mobile and smart space you have have heard of the Mobvoi brand. For those who aren’t familiar, the Chinese-based company has made some of my favorite accessories over that last few years. From the TicHome Mini, TicWatch Pro, and the original TicPods Free earbuds, the company continues to impress me.Mobvoi has found a balance of value and quality that just seems right. So, imagine my excitement of new wireless earbuds with the TicPods 2 and the TicPods 2 Pro.We haven’t had a chance to test the standard TicPods 2, but I’ve spent the last 2 weeks with the Pro edition. Do they live up to the overachievement of the original TicPods Free? Well, it’s complicated.DesignI’ll get this out of the way because it’s just a standard mention on many wireless earbuds these days. The TicPods 2 Pro look like AirPods. But I don’t see that as a negative. Good tech is sometimes an iteration on small, great ideas of predecessors. The stemmed and teardrop design will immediately be familiar to many.With that engineering, you are left with slim earbuds that are surprisingly light. So much so I was taken aback when taking them out of the case. The case is also much smaller than the previous generation. It keeps the same elongated “pill” design but has less of a footprint in your pocket.Around the back of the case, you’ll find a USB-C charging port. I’m glad that this is finally becoming the norm on most accessories and just as proud to see it with the TicPods 2 Pro. But, I have to admit that I am disappointed to not see Qi charging. Anything with a Pro moniker should have this now in my mind.Comfort and battery lifeI feel like these two things go hand in hand. The longer wireless earbuds are going to last, the longer I want to wear them during the day. And vice versa. Let’s start with comfort. The previously mentioned lightness and small teardrop earpieces make the TicPods 2 Pro great to wear.I had no issues wearing them as long as I wanted. The buds slip in and out of your ear with ease, but don’t fall out during a workout. I have no complaints about how the TicPods 2 Pro feel while being worn.But that brings me to the biggest miss in this review. Battery life is not good. I rarely get more than two and a half hours per charge of the earbuds. You do get three full charges on top of that with the case but that still gets you less than stellar performance. The Pixel Buds 2 got destroyed on social media for only having four hours of playtime.It’s also an hour and a half less than the estimated life on Mobvoi’s website. You expect some real-life differences, but my experience with earbud reviews has been fairly accurate with most devices. I’m not sure exactly what is killing this, but it’s a problem that most users will have with the TicPods 2 Pro.SoundThe wireless earbuds world is about balance. You’ll never get the great, robust playback like those from wired, or wireless, canned earphones. The TicPods 2 Pro has a decent sound. It tones down the bass a little more than most but leaves you with a natural sound that I’m OK with from Mobvoi.The TicPods 2 Pro also have Qualcomm’s aptX codec. This does lead to less latency and crisper sound that’s noticeable on the earbuds.ControlsOne thing I’ve missed on every other wireless earbud I’ve tried is the slide to control volume that Mobvoi included on the original TicPods Free. I’m happy to report that those controls and more are present in the TicPods 2 Pro. Slide your finger vertically on the stem of either earbud controls the volume.Double-clicking can be set to invoke two different settings. I prefer to have it play or pause the current track because I don’t always wear both earbuds simultaneously (the left is the only side that can be used in mono mode). However, you can alter this double-tap to have the left side move to the previous track and the right side to move forward.This same interaction will take or end a phone call. As the call comes in the double-tap answers the phone. After you’re done, the same will hang up the call. 1 of 5 You can’t have truly wireless earbuds these days without being able to call up your favorite AI assistant like a genie in a bottle. Google Assistant, and all the others, can be started by long-pressing the earbuds capacitive are and holding for two seconds.Another addition to this is the TicPods 2 Pro has a custom hot phrase of “Hey Tico” to invoke your assistant of choice hands-free. It works as expected and wakes the attached phone to start a voice command. I will say my unscientific research points to it may be the culprit of the poor battery life.Should You Buy Them?I really like the TicPods 2 Pro wireless earbuds. Mobvoi has nailed the fit and design again and provide a great option that looks similar to what Apple is doing. However, I don’t know that you should buy them unless you are comfortable with less than three hours of playback. If you’re OK with that then the TicPods 2 Pro should be on anybody’s list of earbuds. You can snag TicPods 2 Pro on Amazon for $140 in either Navy or White.

Spotlight Review: Ampere Full Circle

Everyone has a cell phone, a portable gaming console, tablet, wearable, action camera, or gadget that needs charging. Some of us have of those. Other have all of the above. How do we keep things charged up at the same time and when on the go? Consider the Ampere Full Circle.What is the Ampere Full Circle?Designed as an all-in-one solution for charging devices, the Ampere packs a 13,400mAh battery, a large wireless charging pad, and Type-C output. And that’s not all of it, either.There’s an LED battery level indicator so you know how much gas is left in the tank, and a USB Type-A port, too.Offered in five colors, its the sort of product you’d keep in a bag for charging up phones, tablets, wearables, and other portable gadgets.What are the benefits of the Ampere Full Circle?Running out of power is no fun, regardless of whether you’re using a phone or playing on the Nintendo Switch. Same goes for tablets, wearables, and other gadgets.This is a well-designed unit that offers charging to multiple items at one time. And it’s not just basic stuff, but it’s fast and efficient, too.The ergonomic design is different than you’ll find in most portable chargers and provides for an at-a-glance view of your phone while on the wireless charger. Want to keep an eye on your notifications or watch YouTube while working? Go ahead, do you.Who is the Ampere Full Circle For?This is one of those devices that serves many masters. Everyone has a phone that needs charged. Plenty of us have additional devices that need juiced up on a regular basis. Here you can plug in a few things at once, and still charge your phone up wirelessly.We can see this one being great for students, telecommuters, and others who lead busy lives.Features13,400mAh Battery Capacity15W Wireless Input18W Type-C PD OutputUSB-A OutputLED Battery Level IndicatorXL Wireless Charging AreaGeneral ImpressionsWhen it comes to products like these, we appreciate them most when we don’t think about them. That is to say, we don’t wanna fuss with proprietary things, quibble with weird design choices, or second-guess the tech.We had already become fond of the Ampere brand with some its previous products; the Full Circle is equally excellent.The build quality is superb, the color scheme somewhat unique and different, and the feature set is rather long. It’s not easy to get excited about chargers, but we found ourselves interested in it and more than happy to show it off.Even though most flagship phones have large, generous batteries, we appreciate having a portable solution that offers 3-4 charges. Depending on your handset, you could ultimately see up to six charges out of the Full Circle.Should I buy the Ampere Full Circle?We’re definitely happy to endorse not only the Ampere Full Circle, but the brand itself. After seemingly coming out of nowhere, it has been offering up a steady stream of interesting and well-built products.Where can I buy the Ampere Full Circle?You can purchase the Ampere Full Circle at Ampere’s website for $99.95 where it’s offered in five colors. Largely clad in a very deep blue, the accent colors include red, coral, yellow, navy, and black. Ampere Full Circle 1 of 6

Facebook and Twitter Apps to look at in 2020

Social media is a part of our daily lives. In fact, almost 2 billion people use Facebook daily and almost 80% of people use Facebook exclusively on their mobile device. Twitter’s numbers are far less known as they don’t actively share this data, but a report from last year showed that Twitter had somewhere in the realm of 130 million daily active users.However, despite the fact that these social platforms are so ubiquitous on mobile devices, their apps leave much to be desired, namely in their features. This is where third-party apps come in.Here are some of the apps that provide the best Facebook and Twitter experiences:TwitterTalonTalon is probably the most well-established app on this list. It has been on the Play Store since 2014 and is the #4 Top Paid app in the Social category, and for good reason.Talon has many customization options, extensive notification and sync settings, and even options to save data.You can get Talon for just $2.99 at the Play Store.FenixNext up is another heavy hitter, Fenix for Twitter. The original Fenix was launched in 2014, the same as Talon, and was rather popular before reaching the Twitter token limit and being removed from the Play Store. It was added back in 2017, though, and already has over 10,000 downloads.Fenix is beautiful and even has the ability to intercept notifications from Twitter’s official apps so you can get notifications faster. You can completely customize the layout, add columns to the apps, and more.Fenix is currently available for $4.99 at the Play Store.OwlyOwly is a newer addition to the world of Twitter, with it first being put on the Play Store in 2014.It is much more focused on looks, with custom headers, navigation positions, animations, and fonts.That’s not to say it’s short on it’s content. though. Owly even has a Tweet Digest that you can get notified of once a day to show content from users you “read”.Owly is free to download, but you can pay just $2.99 to unlock things in app.TweetingsTweetings is probably the most customizable out of all of the Twitter apps. If you don’t like the way something is handled, from the look to the way notifications are pulled, the likelihood is that you can change it.Tweetings will run you $2.49, and you can purchase it here.FacebookFacebook users have a little bit of an issue in that Facebook does not offer an official API for developers, so developers have to find creative ways to deliver you a smooth user experience.FriendlyFriendly for Facebook is one of the most popular Facebook apps for Android, with over a million downloads.It has an adblocker, theming support, downloads for images and videos, and more.It also has support for a variety of other social platforms, including Twitter and InstagramFriendly for Facebook is free to download, and you can pay just $1.99 for Plus, though you can increase the amount you pay if you so feel.Maki for FacebookMaki for Facebook is a personal favorite, with multiple accounts support, support for other platforms, extremely configurable themes, and downloads.One of my favorite features is the ability to filter searches to look for people, pages, events, or groups.Maki is free to download, but the Plus version is only $1.49.PhoenixPhoenix is a straightforward Facebook app with notifications and theming.Phoenix’s notable feature is it’s ability to have chat heads like Facebook Messenger.Phoenix is completely free, with no plus or pro to pay for. You can download it here.SwipeSwipe is the Facebook app I personally use because it does what it does well. Swipe has themes, notifications, customizable layouts, messenger chat heads and more.Swipe even has fingerprint lock for extra privacy.There is a free version of Swipe here, but you can get Swipe Pro for $2.99. Is there any other Facebook or Twitter apps you guys use? Let us know below!

The best email apps for Android

Here are our picks of the best email apps for Android, helping you to keep on top of your email with ease.

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Fitbit Charge 4 review

Fitbit has been producing fitness trackers for over a decade, with its products consistently considered as some of the best in its space.In March, Fitbit announced its latest premium fitness tracker, the Fitbit Charge 4, the first Fitbit tracker to feature a built-in GPS.I have been using the Fitbit Charge 4 for about a week now, and am now able to share my impressions of the deviceSetting Up The Charge 4 Fitbit Charge 4 Unboxing and Setup 1 of 10 Front of Box Back of Box What's Inside Extra Band for larger wrists Clip-on charger Fitbit app setup page 1 Setup Page 2 Setup Page 3 Setup Page 4 Feature List In the box was the Charge 4, an extra band that meant for larger wrists, and the charger, which clips to the device.The Charge 4 came mostly charged, so I could setup almost immediately, and I had already set up the Fitbit app prior to receiving the watch.You will have to create an account to use the Fitbit app but it may take around ten minutes. This includes account creation through pairing and a firmware update.DisplayThe Fitbit Charge 4 has a grayscale display, much to the dismay of many a reviewer. However, I heavily disagree that this is a bad thing. I do not want my fitness tracker to be a beautiful distraction. I want it to track my fitness. That being said, the display is easy to see in any lighting and the brightness automatically adjusts to the environment.The watch also has many watch faces that you can switch between, with the one pictured above being called Rightful Stats.Sleep TrackingThe Fitbit Charge 4 features sleep tracking, with a pretty extensive breakdown in addition to a Sleep Score. The sleep tracking page gets a slight layout change for Fitbit Premium users, as you will see below.The Fitbit Charge 4 also features an SPO2 sensor that works during sleep. The SPO2 sensor is meant to measure blood oxygen variation, which can help identify breathing issues during sleep Fitness TrackingThe Fitbit Charge 4’s main selling points as far as fitness are its integrated GPS and the new measurement system known as Active Zone Minutes. Although my walks don’t exactly create the most beautiful map, here is one of my walks including the breakdown of heart zones and pace. It is important to note that the GPS isn’t in use unless you initiate an exercise from the watch prior to starting it. Exercise Tracking 1 of 6 BatteryThe Fitbit Charge 4 touts a pretty solid mixed-use battery life, lasting around four days. This is where the embedded GPS hurts. With it on, the battery life drains dramatically.The GPS is only activated when an exercise is in progress and Fitbit says this only lasts around five hours. Though, with a half-hour walk every day, the battery lasted almost four full days. However, the Charge 4 recharges in around four hours, so if it dies, you aren’t without it for too long.General UsabilityThe Fitbit app is unremarkable and looks fairly similar to any other fitness app, mostly reminding me of the UI of Samsung Health, as shown side by side below. Each of the items that appear on the Fitbit app homepage are able to be moved around to better suit your particular needsThe watch is not completely waterproof, though it is “swimproof”, to use Fitbit’s term, and is water resistant to 50M.The watch face is customizable, with the one shown in the display section being called Rightful Stats. For the watch itself, there are about 10 alternative bands available on the Fitbit website at the time of me writing this article, and they will run you anywhere between $30 and $50.AvailabilityYou can purchase the Fitbit Charge 4 for $150 at the Fitbit website in Black, Rosewood, and Storm Blue/Black or at Best Buy in Black and Rosewood.

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