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Home News The Pixel 5 makes its first appearance with new renders

The Pixel 5 makes its first appearance with new renders

The Pixel 5 is Google’s upcoming 2020 flagship, it is expected to be priced cheaper at launch than previous entries.


What you need to know

  • Google’s Pixel 5 has leaked on the internet for the first time.
  • It takes the aesthetics of the rumored 4a, adopting a selfie camera cut-out and appearing to ditch the Project Soli module.
  • The Pixel 5 is expected to launch in October later this year.

A first leak at the Google Pixel 5 has just found its way onto the internet courtesy of Pigtou, and it seems to be continuing the design language Google started with the Pixel 4a. The large camera hump remains, but Google appears to be ditching the Project Soli powered Face Unlock for a more aesthetically pleasing camera cut-out with the same bezel style as the Pixel 4a. The device is also said to have a 5.78-inch OLED display as well as a QHD display. It’s not clear what camera configuration the Pixel 5 would ship with, but it will have at least two cameras like the Pixel 4 shipped with.


Other specs include a Snapdragon 765G like the recently released LG Velvet and Nokia’s 8.3 coming in the summer. Google’s Pixel 5 is expected to launch sometime towards the end of the year. Traditionally, it would be expected to launch in October, but given the ongoing weirdness with Google’s launch dates and the Pixel 4a, certainly can’t be taken for granted.

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